Testimony of Theler family: „Međugorje fulfils us with Bog, peace and love“

date: 10.02.2017.

Theler family, Ezekiel, Rebecca and their mom Barbara, came from Switzerland. They’ve been coming to Medjugorje for the last few years, but the real reason of their pilgrimage this time is recording of their first CD of spiritual music that they have been doing in facilities of radio Mir Medjugorje. It was in Medjugorje, in place of prayer and peace, that they experienced both physical and spiritual healing and they spoke about that last December, when book of their husband and father, Mr. Hubert Theler, “Living stones” was launched in Medjugorje. This time, Rebecca and Ezekiel spoke about how they try to glorify God using their talents and music, how important to them is confidence in God and how they witness about God to their Protestant friends and about importance of Medjugorje in their lives. Their mom said that her children are huge gift to her, gift that she is constantly grateful for and she is the one who learns so much from them. 

Ezekiel said: „This type of peace cannot be felt anywhere else, only in Medjugorje. When I truly became Christian and when I wanted to deepen my faith, I started to read more and I realised that my knowledge is not sufficient. As I had many friends who were Protestants, we began to discuss about God in our gatherings. I would talk to them about Gospa and about Holy Mass, it would be real discussion, with them asking questions and I would answer those. The whole point was that I spoke about things that I had to experience myself – the role of Our Lady, why we need Holy Mass, why this is all here because of us…During the period before I met living God, I used to ask myself why I was not able to be happy. I began to realise that the reason was in me putting all of my trust in people, trusting them and not God. In a certain period of my life, I lived abroad and I was separated from my family. I did not have anyone. I began to ask myself where I should I place my trust and what should I do. I realised that the trust I used to have before that point was superficial and I began to live my faith in a different way from that moment on. I wanted to get to know God through books, music and through conversations with others. I simply sought to deepen my knowledge about God and faith more and more.“

Rebecca spoke about the reasons of their trips to Medjugorje: „We’ve been coming to Medjugorje to live our lives in the genuine way, to become good people who would be able to witness love and to be filled with love. We are able to find that here. Medjugorje fills us with God, peace and love. This experience of deepening of our faith came in the times when I had to face difficulties and problems. It was interesting that I did not go to talk about that to other people, but to God always and that is how in that profound relationship with Him, I gained peace, trust and confidence. I realised how much I needed that relationship, how much God loves me and how I love Him.“

Mrs. Barbara said that being in Medjugorje is a huge gift to her: „Children are a gift from God and it is a gift to be able to bring them here. Perhaps it is important to mention how my husband and I were not able to have children. These children came as the fruit of prayer. When we received them, I prayed to be worthy of raising them in faith and in the spirit of God and I did that with my own strength, as a mother. Now, they are the ones who are teaching me with their music, but also with the way they treat us, their parents. I am grateful to God for my calling of me as a mother. While here, I try to learn from Gospa, I thank for the gift of motherhood, for the fact that I was able to get children and to raise them in faith too.“