Testimony of Letizia Centorbi from Italy at the Youth Festival

date: 03.08.2017.

Letizia Centorbi from Italy gave her testimony during the morning part of the programme on August 2. She spoke about her conversion in Medjugorje and introduced her new song „Regina della pace“ that she wrote eight years ago.  

„I will use words of Mother Elvira, I am a person that was risen, because not only those who are addicts are dead. Dead are those who do not have Jesus in their hearts, dead are those who did not get to know Jesus. Dead are those who closed their hearts to Him – to love, to Him who gives us life. I come from one very simple and humble family, family that did not get to know God and they never gave me God. When I was 4 and a half, my parents were forced to abandon me due to the financial difficulties and they left me with my grandmother. In that period, I would see them only once a year and it was very hard for me. As a child in that age, I was not able to understand how they felt and what situation they were facing. Very soon, when I was six years old, the Lord touched my heart through the music. I was preparing for the First Communion and I had to attend religious classes and Holy Mass, and it was there the Lord touched my heart. On that Sunday, one song moved me in the special way. The Lord came into my life then, but I was not aware of that. My life was filled with sufferings, for when one lives without parents, that life was not nice. I grew up with my granny who gave me lots of love, but as I was growing up, the Lord drew me closer to Him more and more.

After 14 years, I began to live again with my parents but then, difficulties and illnesses affected my family and we all suffered because of the financial difficulties we had in those days. When I was 12, my life was made of visits to the hospital and it was a whole chain of difficulties. I was immersed in all those sufferings along with my parents that I did not know well at all. We moved to the small town in Sicily and that is where I met Sonja. This girl was coming to Medjugorje for a long while and her eyes were completely different than any other people I met. I did not know anything, I had not know Mary in those days, not Jesus, nor the Holy Trinity, there was nothing religious in my life, except one dream I had when I was a little girl. But, it was the Lord who led my life and I was not able to notice that at all. On July 16, feast of Our Lady of Carmel, I met Sonja and she began to tell me about Medjugorje all thrilled as she was to come here in two weeks time, for the Youth Festival. I fell in love with her story and Medjugorje, even though I never came here before. That is how I began to follow Sonja and to go each day for Holy Mass to be fed by the Eucharist. I was coming for Holy masses without knowing what was happening there, I only wanted to follow that girl. That is how I came here for the first time in 1997 and one other person touched my heart while I was there, it was Augustino Ricotta, who sang back then. Lord again touched me through music and I fell in love with Jesus. I came here for more than 30 times already but each time was different, as one of my wounds would be healed each time. I was blocked as satan and evil did not want me to be joyful. There were obstacles, but God decided to heal me. I started to come here and to bring pilgrims here. While I would be with them, I would be singing and the Lord was touching them through my music, but it was me who was actually being healed. I never studied music and I could never imagine to write lyrics and texts, my self-esteem was quite low, but Lord was sending people I needed in my life to fulfill various purposes and that is how I was assured in his love. The wounds I had prevented me to meet Mary and God the Father. That was also being healed and now I am in love with them. I received a gift of falling in love with the prayer of Rosary too, I began to pray the Rosary all the time and I began to feel free. Today I am travelling and evangelising at prayer meetings and I play during the Adoration. The most beautiful thing one can experience is to fall in love with God“, said Letizia, whose CD was launched last year and 10 songs are devoted to Our Lady.