Testimony of Kopričanec family from Koprivnica, Croatia

date: 12.01.2017.

Family Kopričanec from Koprivnica, spouses Katarina and Nevenko and their son Šimun-Benedikt, came to Medjugorje in January 2017. Those are spouses who have prayed for many years to have a child and got him as the fruit of prayer. He is 12 today. Mrs. Katarina said in the programme of radio Mir: „My holiday is usually in January. My parish celebrates the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary and we normally go there then, but I love coming here too as this is the place where I feel peace, grace of God. Ever since I was little, I was connected to the Mother of God.”

Mr. Nevenko said that his connection began in 1982/1983: „My father was a naïve painter and back in those years he had Exhibition in Široki Brijeg, and he spent ten days living with Franciscans. I was with him and that was the first time I was here. Later on, I used to come with the prayer community „Maranatha” led by Fr. Smiljan Kožul and we would normally come for the feast of Pentecost. This is where one experiences strength that is not given in normal circumstances. I can also say something personal for me, since each time we would come here on a pilgrimage we would have people with special needs on the bus. Once, there was a girl who was maybe 14-15 years old, and I took her to Cross Mountain on my back. That was not a problem at all, as that is what one feels here, it is something different, it is Mary!”

Even the youngest member of this family, 12 years old Šimun-Benedikt, speaks about his experience of Medjugorje: „I love Medjugorje so much as this is the place where Gospa says to us – peace, peace, pray, fast, be good. This is where every man can find his own peace, as Mary is the mother to all. As Jesus suffered for all, that is how Mary is a Mother to all of us.”