Testimony of Kathy Nolan: “I was really moved by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament”

date: 28.03.2015.

Kathy Nolan, from Indiana in the United States, arrived in Medjugorje at the beginning of March. It was the first time she had participated in the seminar for group leaders and organisers of pilgrimages. Kathy told us about her work with pilgrims: “I have been working with pilgrims for more or less 25 years now, but lately it has been a bit more intensive. It is the hardest thing to work and serve with joy in this type of job, but after you see what the Gospa does for every pilgrim who comes to Medjugorje through us, it is indeed a great joy to continue doing it. She brings joy, truth and peace into everyone's life and that is what is necessary for us. I have also witnessed so many young people seeking the Gospa and peace. Our country is, at the moment, we could say, suffering because of confusion regarding Medjugorje. Our bishop is silent and it is hard to spread news about Medjugorje, but it is not impossible”, said Kathy and added she was especially impressed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament here in Medjugorje.