Testimony of faith: Married cuple Gianluca Anselmi and Anna Benedetti

date: 05.08.2015.

A testimony that we would like to emphasise and it took place on Monday, August 3, was the testimony of married couple Gianluca Anselmi and Anna Benedetti from Verona. Both of them are professional musicians and Anna said that after 10 years of marriage she discovered she was pregnant and that they were expecting a girl. They decided to name her Lucy, but something was not right. Doctors told them that Lucy had a part of her brain missing and that probably she has Dandy-Walker syndrome. „We could hear a doctor saying to us that there is a law that enables us to abort such child, but I wondered, what kind of a law, what does it enable me, what am I suppose to decide…To kill a life…Lucy, that is one girl, I kept repeating that…we were to make more tests and to come to different diagnoses. We continued thinking about Lucy who was there, lying still, not walking, not talking…we thought about our lives that would be destroyed, but my body refused the idea of an abortion. It was one night that something extraordinary happened. I was not able to sleep and I was trying to find a solution to this situation and suddenly in one moment I began to pray. I only felt emptiness, silence and surrendering. Suddenly there was a sign – I could see a light, it was a light that wanted to come to this world! I immediately felt warmth that wrapped me up like a strong embrace, I felt that on my skin. Then I heard Lucy that was shouting in me: Yes, we will do this together. I believed in what I had just experienced and I woke up Gianluca and told this to him. I told him that our lives would be changed; we felt a new world that Lucy gave us. She led us step by step. Gianluca can feel my serenity and he is here for us. You, Lucy, you beautiful creature who shines, you will be like the light that will break all of the clouds. You will bring hope to the world with our lives, with our music. That was our mission, our vocation. After a while, we decided to share our story with everyone and we started a web site. Everyone was able to find that page of light and hope. We did not ask for Lucy’s healing in a single moment. If that was God’s will, we believed she would come to this world as she has mission for this world – to bring a light. After a few days, we got the final diagnosis and Lucy also had Down syndrome. These two syndromes together were unique, but we were no longer afraid. Lucy was born in 2009, had many surgeries, but endured all that. Today, she is a happy girl. She is our miracle. She needed to be born because of someone or something. She can walk, talk, jump, dance…We are all engaged and for the last five years we travel and give video concerts about her life. The performance is called Lucy’s world. We travel to many places as we wish to bring hope to everyone“, said Anna.