Testimony of Christe Tobler, Switzerland

date: 26.01.2015.

Last spring we had a visit from one Benedictine priest, who has been coming to Medjugorje for years for the Youth Festival. He spoke about his experience that the spark was lit in my heart and I had to travel to that place as well. My husband told me that he would accompany me. For years before that, I lived in some sort of irrational fear that I could not explain. In the last few years the fear was intensified. I was trying to conquer it with various treatments and my own forces, but all was in vain. The fear was all around me at all times. Together with two other problems – heart difficulties and loosing of consciousness, the fear was just becoming bigger. In the medical terms, no one could define it. There was no organic cause for it. In my religious world, they were always telling me it was a spiritual struggle. My ordinary life was turning into more confused world, burdened and full of threats. My symptoms were limiting me, determining my life schedule. I was no longer able to make and fixed appointment time, I stopped singing in the choir and I had occasional periods of depression, it was frightening for me to be among people and to leave my house without someone. I had constant doubts, I was afraid of that fear and I was torn apart between trust in God. I kept fighting with Him. I wondered if all that was consequence of my prayer and should I stop praying. Burdened with all our worries and many other intentions that we carried with us, we took off for Medjugorje in July 2014. We travelled by plane, in the company of our Benedictine priest. It was a special gift for us parents and since he knew Medjugorje, he was our spiritual guide. We had amazing week full of blessings, we were wrapped up in wondrous peace that was evident all over the place. So much prayer and so many nations together, at the same place on their way to God! That was something that moved us, filled with grace, enriched us, it was indeed like a different world. genuine experience of Tabor. In that week we experienced a piece of Heaven on earth. On our way back, we all knew that we would come again the next year. In thanksgiving to Our Lady, I will share my personal testimony: My husband went to confession for the first time after his young days and rediscovered prayer of Rosary. Ever since then, we have been praying Rosary together. Our grandson refused to speak until he was three years old. He was communicating by biting and kicking. He wanted to express himself, but was not able to. After we entrusted all of our worries and pleas to Our Lady on Apparition Hill, and prayed for him especially one evening, he gained the gift of speech and began to pronounce the first words for the first time in his life. At this point, he is able to speak. I received a great gift as well: during my time in Medjugorje, I did not have any difficulties, I was conscious all the time and there were no heart problems, no fears, I was on my own among other people all the time. It was all really amazing. Only when I returned to my everyday life, I realised that I was delivered and freed from every fear! I was given new life and I am incredibly happy and grateful! The third miracle followed: all of my heart problems were cured and I am able to understand my problems of losing consciousness and give those in love to God, as a sacrifice. This suffering (spiritual struggle) became easy for me as God is now carrying it. We prayed together, and we continue to thank God for all the graces given to us and to all other people that we brought to Medjugorje in our spirit. I hope this testimony encourages many who will come here with their needs and prayers and entrust those to Our Lady. No one leaves Medjugorje without receiving many gifts! (Glasnik mira – Medjugorje monthly bulletin, January 2015)