Testimony of Alfred Heck: “It is important for us that those who were in Medjugorje live the spirit of this place”

date: 06.03.2014.

Alfred Heck from Germany participated in the international meeting for group leaders, organisers of pilgrimages and prayer and charity groups regarding Medjugorje. He also took part in the first such meeting that he gladly recalled: “There were around 50 of us from various countries. We had genuine family atmosphere. My personal experience is that in these years various Franciscans have been with us to guide us, but each one of them left the impression of love and sincerity in conducting this seminar.” Alfred told us that in Cologne they have little Medjugorje centre. “We came here in 1987 by bus, it was the only trip we took in that year and we were all moved by it. There was one lady who established that centre and she kept inspiring us to come to Medjugorje. After her death, we continued to come here and we’ve been coming constantly all the time. We always had priests with us and we are really trying to make Medjugorje visible in our communities after we come back home. We are also open for collaboration in our parishes. Once a month, we do one pilgrimage when we walk with crucifix and statue from Medjugorje in one monastery. It is a sort of strengthening for all those pilgrims who do not have the spirit of Medjugorje themselves.” It is interesting that once or twice a year they have large encounters for those who have been in Medjugorje. Alfred says that those meetings are simple because Medjugorje is simple.”It is important that those who have been in Medjugorje continue to live the spirit in Medjugorje in their communities. That is the most important for us.”