Testimony: Mons. Bruno Tommasi

date: 24.09.2005.

Mons. Bruno Tommasi, retired archbishop of the archdiocese of Lucca (Italy), came for his second private pilgrimage to Medjugorje in September 2005, for the Feast of the Nativities of Mary. Mons. Tommasi was ordained a priest in 1958, and a bishop in 1983. He was in charge of the dioceses Pontremoli, Apuania, Massa Carrara-Pontremoli and Lucca. He is retired since January 2005, when he attained 75 years.


“Several years ago, I met a priest and some laymen that had gone to Medjugorje and who were internally transformed, converted. I was impressed. If a place is able to transform, to convert people, that means that this is a place of grace. Last year, I had the occasion to come here with two priests that accompanied me this year also. Then I had the occasion to know Marija, and this year I met Vicka. Although for the moment there is no official position of the authority on the authenticity of these apparitions, thanks to the encounter with these persons, I am convinced that they do not lie, that they are sincere and that they have a true experience of grace.

The apparitions last since 24 years already. I believe that this is an extraordinary event. I remember that once Our Lady was asked a question about this matter. She replied: “Are you already bored?” These apparitions are different of those in Lourdes, Fatima or elsewhere. We will see at the end…

To those who ask me questions about Medjugorje, I say that this is a place of prayer, a place where people are converted. The rest must wait that responsible authorities of the Church pronounce their judgement. I think that for the moment Medjugorje has become a shrine. I see no behaviour or reflection in contrast with faith. This is a path of way, of prayer, of penitence. The choice of the Holy Virgin to appear here, in the context and in the time of communism, is a special event. It is really appropriate that she appears here and not in a place where liberty reigns.

I think that one can consider Medjugorje as an impulse for the renewal of the Church. This is a renewal that comes from below, through changes in persons.

The fact that so many go for confession here is very positive. In the western countries, many go for communion, but very few go for confession. One could say that the sense of sin got lost, and therefore also the need to go for confession. 

We should receive with faith Our Lady’s messages.”