Testimonies of participants of the seminar

date: 08.03.2013.

Among participants of the 20th International Meeting of organisers of pilgrimages, leaders of peace centres, prayer and charity groups leaders related to Medjugorje that was held from March 3 to March 7, we are emphasising participation of Hubert Lepherr who has started Peace Walk in 1992, along with his 300 friends from all over the world. “I have received many blessings from Heaven through Medjugorje, I am trying to change my life every day even though that is really hard. Ever since 1987, I have been coming to Medjugorje and I’ve been bringing groups from South German, from Stuttgart and Munich, each year 800 to 1000 pilgrims.”He said how he was coming to these seminars from the very beginning in 1991 when these encounters were held in Tucepi. “This helps us to achieve good relationship with parish and with Franciscans. They point out to us things that we need to consider when bringing pilgrims here, so we would enrich our lives. The greatest gift one can receive from Medjugorje is to realise that God and eternity exist. At the end, it is Heaven that brings pilgrims here, because Heaven touches them first and then they hear us and decide to come. More and more people are coming here and every time we bring groups we ask about people who are coming for the first time. There are always 30-40% of those who come for the first time, which means that Our Lady is not tired looking for new pilgrims who will come to visit this place.” Tesoro Savino, comes from Bari. He came to the seminar with his wife Patrizia. Their experience of Medjugorje began in 1999. “At first, my wife came who was healed from great pain she had in her heart for years, and her healing was passed on me since I was not believer. We married in the church 20 years ago, but I objected to that since I never believed in the sacrament of the marriage. After her experience brought blessing to me and to our family, little steps began with Our Lady, and two years afterwards, I came here. It was the experience of profound relationship with Christ that changed my life, our lives and I began to walk with Mary with really small steps. Our Lady introduced us to work with pilgrims through one of the priests who suggested to us to start organising pilgrimages. Today, we are a couple that had received the gift of faith and that seeks every day for that strength that will keep us firm in the spirituality”, said Tesoro. (photos)