Tatiana Matejaš-Cameron at the Youth Festival in Medjugorje

date: 03.08.2006.

On Wednesday evening, August 2nd, 2006, Tatiana Matejaš-Cameron gave a concert at the Youth Festival in Medjugorje, and on Thursday morning, August 3rd, she gave her testimony to the thousands of young people who gathered for the Festival.

This is the first time that Tajči has performed in this region since leaving Croatia in the nineties. She no longer sings pop music, but only spiritual songs and her concerts are thematic: “I Believe”, “Emmanuel”, “I Thirst” and “Let it be”. During the last years, Tatiana has given hundreds of concerts all over the USA, where she found her way to God and where she settled and founded her family. (See: http://idobelieve.com/)