Sr. Rastislava Ralbovsky on Pilgrimage for Persons with Disabilities

date: 13.06.2015.

The Pilgrimage for Persons with Disabilities is being held in Medjugorje at the moment with the theme: “In Mary’s School”. The idea for organising this pilgrimage came from Sr. Rastislava Ralbovsky who was coming to Medjugorje for many years with the community of persons with special needs from Djakovo in Croatia. She told us about the beginning of the pilgrimage: „We should never forget, the idea did not come from me, but from Gospa who is here with us and invites us. I only responded to the call I felt in my heart and I began to come here since 1998. All of this that developed is Her work. This whole project - hosts that accommodate us for free here in Medjugorje, is one really huge thing. If it wasn’t for that, we would have never been able to afford this, none of us would have financial funds to realise this pilgrimage. I am really grateful to all of them”, said Sr. Rastislava.