Sr. Biserka Jagunić: “I found a Mother here and began to pray more fervently“

date: 22.03.2015.

Sr. Biserka Jagunić, a Franciscan School Sister from the Bosnian – Croatian Province of Christ the King, arrived durig these early spring days in Medjugorje. She told us that this is the 214th time she has come here and she is in the parish of Remete in Zagreb at the moment. The first time she came was in 1982 when she came with the parish priest and a few other nuns. Later on she began to bring pilgrims, at first from Bosnia, then from Zagreb, Virovitica and other regions of Croatia. This time she came with pilgrims from Zagreb and she told us: “We have a little spiritual renewal here in Medjugorje. There are beautiful testimonies about what is taking place and people have told us that they have learned more about God and faith during these two days here in Medjugorje, than during the whole of their lives. As for me, I found a Mother here, the Blessed Virgin Mary and I began to pray more fervently. I received a couple of wonderful experiences which mean so much to me.”