date: 16.03.2011.

The spiritual renewal for the whole Province for March was held in Međugorje today. This renewal was intended as the retreat and part of the programme of the permanent formation. The main theme was the Reconciliation with God – Theory and Practice. This is the second time that similar retreat with the theme of reconciliation is being held in Međugorje.
This retreat was held in the Yellow Hall, at the back of the church of St. James. It started at 9.30 a.m. with the Mid – Morning Prayer, and was followed with the lecture of Dr. Fr. Ante Mateljan, the Professor of the Dogmatic Theology at the Catholic University in Split.
Professor Mateljan spoke for one hour about dogmatic and sacramental aspect of the sacrament of the healing, with a special emphasis on penance and reconciliation, giving details of all of the important parts of this sacrament.
After short recess, pastoral aspect of this issue was discussed, and questions were at the end. The discussion lasted for half an hour.
The Provincial, Fr. Ivan Sesar, celebrated the Holy Mass that began at 12.00 a.m., along with Fr. Ante, lecturer, Fr. Petar Vlašić, the parish priest, and 47 other priests who concelebrated. Fr. Ante gave a homily.
Novices and postulants were singing, with their Master, Fr. Stanko Mabić.
At the end, the Provincial thanked professor Mateljan, as well as the other Franciscan brothers, hosts and all those who were involved in the organisation of this retreat. This seminar was organised thanks to the cooperation of the Moderator of the Permanent Formation, Fr. Iko Skoko and thanks to Fr. Danko Perutina, Head of the Council for the Spirituality.
Seventy Franciscan brothers participated at this retreat. At the end, they all had a lunch together.