Solemn celebration of Easter in Medjugorje

date: 16.04.2017.

Many pilgrims gathered in Medjugorje also this year for Easter and all of them participated in the communion with parishioners in the liturgy of Easter Triduum. Pilgrims arrived from Poland, France, Belgium, India, Spain, Coast of Ivory, Germany, Austria, Korea, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, the United States, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, England, Ukraine, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, India, Romania, and Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

Pilgrims celebrated Holy Thursday Eucharist in the afternoon in their language groups and the Holy Mass of the Supper of our Lord was celebrated in the parish church by Fr. Perica Ostojic. Many faithful remained in the silent prayer after the Eucharistic celebration in the church.

Good Friday was a day of prayer on Cross Mountain in language groups, Fr. Marinko Sakota led the prayer of the Way of the Cross in Croatian language at 11 am. Many pilgrims climbed Cross Mountain from the early morning to late evening. Good Friday Services in different language groups took place in the afternoon, and in Croatian language it started at 6 pm. Fr. Vjekoslav Milicevic conducted this Service.

The Liturgy of Word in language groups took place on Saturday afternoon, and all pilgrims joined parishioners for Easter Vigil at 9 pm, when Fr. Marinko Sakota was the main celebrant. Fr. Zvonimir Pavicic sang Easter Exultet. Many local and foreign priests spent most of the day in the confessionals. (photos)