Slovenian “Ognjišče“ in Medjugorje 

date: 30.09.2006.

On Friday, September the 29th 2006, a 600-strong group of the listenership of Radio “Ognjišče“, the Slovenian Catholic Radio Station, visited Medjugorje. They were accompanied by five priests.

This Radio “Ognjišče“ listenership group, together with chief editor and founder of the radio station Fr. Franc Trstenjak,have been spending holiday times together over the last four years. This year, they brought 10 busloads to Budva, and on their way back to Slovenia they included a one-day pilgrimage to Medjugorje. In the afternoon, they concelebrated Mass in Saint James’ Church, and then they individually chose to pray either on Cross Mountain or on Apparition Hill.

Radio “Ognjišče“ also broadcasts on satellite and can be heard in Europe, in the north of Africa and in the Middle East, and they may also be heard across the whole world via the Internet. (See: