Several millions faithful following our live streaming service of the evening prayer programme

date: 26.03.2020.

On March 24, 2020, the evening prayer programme was followed from 2.604.448 unique IP addresses. Besides that, many were following through other frequencies, Internet and satellite programmes our radio broadcasting, and there were many watching our YouTube channel and live Facebook broadcasting. This is the case every night in these extraordinary circumstances.

Millions of our viewers are able to follow Holy Mass in these special times when Holy Masses are not publicly celebrated. This, once again, confirms the importance of media, Radio Mir Medjugorje, who are with their listeners in these difficult times of pandemic.

German viewers are there in the largest numbers following from 764.008 unique IP addresses, followed by Italian viewers with 391.274 IP addresses, and then Spanish with 295.249.

The prayer programme in Croatian language is followed by 281.147 IP addresses, Polish 219.129 and Slovakian 204.037 IP addresses.

French numbers are 199.328, Russian113.911, English 106.524 and Korean with 29.841 unique IP addresses.

Radio Medjugorje continues its programme in the following days too, all through live streaming, YouTube channel, Facebook pages and satellite programme is on for 24 hours at the following link for the last 16 years: