Service of promises and vows of Medjugorje Franciscan Youth

date: 02.02.2015.

On Sunday, February 1, 2015, the young members of the Franciscan Youth from Medjugorje, had ceremony of solemn promises and vows during the evening Holy Mass, celebrated by Fr. Slaven Brekalo, the regional spiritual assistant, along with 9 priests concelebrating. 34 members gave their first promises, and 28 of them confirmed their vows to the Franciscan Youth. At the end of the solemn Holy Mass, their spiritual assistant Fr. Stanko Cosic, and Fr. Marinko Sakota, the parish priest, congratulated them and wished them to continue their journey with St. Francis towards Christ: “St. Francis is thrilling us with simplicity and freedom, I wish you to take his path.” Fr. Stanko thanked young people who prepared all for that solemn celebration, as well as their parents. After the Holy Mass, they all had gathering and socialising in the Hall of St. John Paul II. The Franciscan Youth has been active since 1995, and they are contributing to the fruitful spiritual atmosphere in Medjugorje with many of their activities.