Seminar about addictions

date: 13.10.2012.

The seminar titled: “Addiction on fortune games: between illness and personal – social responsibility” was held in Mother’s village from October 12th to 14th. This seminar is organised by the Franciscan Institute for the culture of peace from Split. Fr. Ivan Sesar, the President of the Councils of Franciscan Communities from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, welcomed all who came to participate, among them many who were to give their lectures. “I would like to express my joy because of organisation of this seminar because I hope that at least some would discover the danger of addiction on gambling and fortune games through these professional lectures. I think that this seminar is needed to today’s modern men and to the society that has increasing number of addicts with each day.” This seminar was intended to all those who desired to get to know more about the phenomenon of increasing pathological addiction on fortune games, either because of their professional or personal reasons, to all who wanted to become more proficient in handling addicts around them, to get to know the mechanism of how one person becomes an addict, to get to know the wisdom of prevention, programmes and institutions for rehabilitation of those addicts. The seminar was also useful to all those who wanted to learn more about the scientific pathology of modern civilisation of consumerism.