Saturday, August 5, the last day of the Youth Festival

date: 06.08.2017.

Saturday, August 5, was the last day of the whole-day programme of the youth Festival in Medjugorje. The morning programme began with the morning prayer led by Fr. Marinko Sakota, coordinator of the Festival and continued with the catechesis of Fr. Jacques Philippe from the community of Beatitudes. Later on, the young people had opportunity to hear the testimony of James and Daniel Wahlberg, father and a son from the United States, about their personal and family conversion after life they had in alcohol and drugs for many years. Daniel was saved through the community of Cenacolo.  

Then, a couple from Czech Republic with three children, Gabrijela Veselá and Antonín Veselý, gave their testimony. At the end of the morning programme Mélanie Arrivé from France introduced all participants with the 1st Youth Festival held in Paris this year on May 13. Benedetta Frigerio, Italian journalist, spoke in the afternoon about her own conversion. Then, Fr. Alessandro Brustenghi, OFM from Assisi spoke and sang and he is going to give a concert on Sunday, August 6, together with the International Choir and Orchestra.  

The evening prayer programme followed with the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr.

Zvonimir Pavičić, newly ordained priest of Herzegovina Franciscan Province along with 454 priests concelebrating, while Fr. Franjo Dušaj, Franciscan from Montenegro gave a homily. The Eucharistic Adoration, led by Fr. Marinko Sakota, followed afterwards. During the Holy Mass and opening prayer, a cloth on which the youth had been writing their prayers and petitions was brought and placed before the altar. That is how all prayers and intentions were placed before the Lord in this final Holy Mass. There was a blessing of all representatives from all countries who, with the symbolic gift representing their mission, shall return back to their countries to continue living what they received in Medjugorje. There were 789 421 live stream viewers of the evening prayer programme.

Fr. Marinko at the end of Holy Mass thanked the youth and all who participated in the organisation of this Festival: „We came to the end of the 28th Youth Festival. There is only one word that comes in our hearts – Thank you! Thanks be to God, to dear Gospa, the Queen of Peace. Thanks to all those who participated in the preparation and realisation of the whole programme. Thanks to you, dear young friends, for the testimony of sacrifice and love with so much joy.“

After the farewell in song, the youth continued their way to Cross Mountain, where at 6 am, on the Feast of Transfiguration of our Lord, Holy Mass was celebrated at 5 am, which was the official end of the Youth Festival. (photos)