Richard Markovich and Karl Leeb walked to Medjugorje

date: 09.05.2017.

Two Croats from Gradisce, 76-years old Richard Markovich and 62-years old Karl Leeb, both retired and living in Baumgarten in Austria, walked for 700 kilometers in 17 days and finally arrived to Medjugorje. They spoke about their experiences on this pilgrimage in the programme of Radio „Mir“ Medjugorje. They began this trip in early morning on April 21 and arrived to Medjugorje in late afternoon on May 7, 2017. Looking at this example, it is truly motivating to see what sacrifices people do out of the pure gratitude, not wishing for some extraordinary grace or a miracle, but all to thank God for goods in their lives, that we are very often unaware of. This is the first pilgrimage for Mr. Leeb, while Mr. Markovich came here for three times already. They said they did not have any difficulties on their trip and they were also blessed with the good weather. They liked Herzegovina a lot and they find it strange that people would immigrate from this country. ( „Mir“ Međugorje) (photos)