Radio „Mir“ Medjugorje celebrates its 20th Anniversary

date: 26.11.2017.

On Saturday, November 25, 2017, Radio station Mir Medjugorje, thanked the Lord for 20 years of their work with the prayer of the Rosary led by the employees of the radio and later on with the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Iko Skoko, with the singing of the choir from Albania. This was the occasion to remember all of the deceased workers, associates and their supporters.

The celebration was with the theme - „Lead us all to your Son“, and it continued later on the Hall of John Paul II, with the anniversary programme conducted by the radio employees, while the choir Izvor from Zagreb, made this celebration more beautiful.

Radio station Mir Medjugorje, began their work on November 25, 1997, in the basement of the small house and their initial frequency 106,3 FM, covered only the narrow area of Medjugorje and broadcasted the programme for only five hours each day in the beginning.

Today, this radio station has their transmitters and satellites that broadcast the programme for 24 hours a day in many different religious, cultural, informative and entertaining casts to many loyal listeners all over the world. (photos),