Prof. Marko Vasilj buried

date: 19.01.2015.

On Saturday, January 17, at Srebrenica cemetery in Miletina, prof. Marko Vasilj was buried. He was the associated member of Radio station Mir Medjugorje for many years, born in Miletina, Medjugorje where he completed elementary school, while he attended Grammar school in Zagreb and Ljubuski, where he graduated.  As a young student, he began to work as a journalist and in theatre. He completed the first year in Sarajevo, studying German language and literature, and he graduated in Zadar at the department of German and French language and literature. While working at radio Zadar and radio Zagreb, he started with culture and children’s shows, and for more than ten years he was the editor of Zagreb Radio II from Zadar. During the homeland war, he became the editor of the language programme and executive editor of Zadar Radio Station. After his retirement in 2001, he continued actively to do what he liked the most – literature criticism. Since March 2008, he was the editor of one of the most famous radio shows on Radio Medjugorje, language advices and Croatian speech – “Let us speak Croatian language”. Prof. Marko Vasilj died in Zadar on January 15, after shorter illness.