Presentation of the book „I was not silent“ by Fr. Mario Knezovic in Medjugorje

date: 19.01.2017.

Presentation of the book “I was not silent – open thoughts on Church, politics and social events”, of the author Fr. Mario Knezovic, took place in Medjugorje on January 18. This book is the collection of his texts that were published for the last couple of years in monthly Catholic paper “Nasa ognjista”. Fr. Mario spoke in his texts about social events, politics, religion, sports and other topics. The organisers of this event were Parish Office Medjugorje and Information Centre Mir Medjugorje. Besides the author, presenters of the book were Fr. Robert Jolic, Herzegovinian Franciscan and historian, Zoran Kresic, journalist and political analyst. Robert Pehar, writer and member of Croatian National Theatre Mostar, read parts of the book, Sanja Pehar, chief editor of Radio Mir Medjugorje, led the whole programme, while sisters Darija and Anamaria Ramljak accompanied this event with their music. Fr. Marinko Sakota greeted all present with the short speech at the beginning of this evening.

Fr. Mario Knezovic has been writing openly about our social circumstances for the last five years in “Nasa ognjista” bulletin. „It is very hard to be silent there days and even harder is to speak up. I was trying to speak openly about all those topics that we all talk about, but no one puts down on the paper. The problem of our society is that we all whisper in our own circles, in our homes, during coffee time, but no one dares to say something publicly. For years, I was trying to speak up on behalf of all those people “, said Fr. Mario during the presentation of his book.


Fr. Mario began to write after Fr. Robert encouraged him to do so and this is what he said: „Fr. Mario wrote something on different web sites, so I thought this could all be summoned up in magazine that people read. Our magazine is really popular here in Herzegovina and we have wide spectrum of readers, priests, faithful, older grannies and some people abroad too. Many of them read this magazine because Fr. Mario is writing for us. Now, after five years had passed, I am sure it was a great idea for him to start writing. This type of article was a great choice along with other historical, theological and many other articles, as this was something about our everyday life and reality.“

Zoran Kresic, journalist and political analyst said it was not easy to write articles each month: „Fr. Mario speaks about the issues and people on margins of the society, who are also at the same time very intelligent and speak everyday colloquial language in a very sincere way and he speaks for them, on their behalf about something that touches them deeply.“

Fr. Karlo Lovric, Franciscan active in this parish, famous for his poems, read poetry during the evening devoted to Fr. Mario and to his book. All money that this book provides is going to be given for construction of Student Centre and Home for poor and homeless people in Mostar, House of spirit and bread – Dompes, called by Fr. Iko Skoko, Franciscan in the charge of this project. (photos)