Pilgrims who walked from Slovenia

date: 12.03.2011.

A group of eight pilgrims arrived to Medjugorje on Friday, March 4, 2011 from little town of Kamnik, Slovenia. They have planned their pilgrimage for a long period of time and all eight of them walked the first part of their journey when later six of them continued in their car and two of them – Miha Hribovsek and Vido Kregar walked another 560 km in 14 days. Upon arriving to Medjugorje, they first prayed before Our Lady’s statue in front of the church of St. James and thanked God and Our Lady for the journey they had taken and for all of the graces they had received. This was the first time for two of them to come to Medjugorje after they heard so much about it from their friends and relatives many years ago. They told us that during their journey most of the people were surprised after hearing that two of them were walking to Medjugorje. Nevertheless, they received so much support while travelling from those in the traffic to the people that offered them food, drinks, refreshments and even places to stay overnight.
Upon arriving to Medjugorje, they climbed the Apparition Hill and prayed the Rosary there and on the following day they climbed the Cross Mountain with other Slovenian pilgrims and at the end took part in the evening prayer programme. Bostjan Krajnc was with them, as a pilgrim, in the first part of their pilgrimage when eight of them walked together and he told us: “We have visited many pilgrimage destinations in Slovenia, we walked to Rome and Santiago de Compostela, but this pilgrimage was definitely the experience we never had.” When we asked them if they were planning to come back any time soon, their reply was that it would be in a few months time, for the 30th Anniversary of the apparitions.