Pilgrims who walked from Rome

date: 27.06.2015.

Guido and Livia, married couple from Rome and Maurizio and Mario, their friends arrived to Medjugorje after eight days of walking. They began their journey in the shrine of Divine Mercy in Rome, then to Vatican, Pescara, Ancona, Split, Makarska and Humac, where they joined the Peace Walk with many other pilgrims. Guido said that this is their fourth time to come to Medjugorje as pilgrims and he decided for this together with his wife Livia, after they came many times here with organised groups of pilgrims. They realised that the real pilgrimage is the one done by foot, and that is why they decided for this. Their intention was to offer up this pilgrimage for Our Lady’s intentions and to come to Her, who is so present, alive and close to them here. This is what they told us: „We prayed all the time as we walked, there were many difficulties as we were not used to walk such long distances. We were able to see that people were amazed with what we did and we felt their love, vicinity and blessing. We encountered Mary here in Medjugorje and She is our leader in our lives. When we come here and see thousands of people kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament we really feel that spiritual reality is much greater than this reality of this world that we can see.”