Pilgrims who walked from Osijek, town at the north of Croatia

date: 26.05.2012.

Zvonko Bogi, Vesna Jankovic, Zlatica Cepo, brother and two sisters, walked from Osijek and arrived to Medjugorje on Thursday, May 24, 2012. They started their trip on May 14, 2012. They made decision to do this pilgrimage in the honour of Our Lady, the Queen of Peace, before Christmas last year. They wanted to thank her for everything she had done for them. They wanted to emphasise that everyone they met on their journey was kind and gracious to them and they would like to thank them all. “There was prayer and joy while we travelled here. We were in the pain, but every morning, after waking up, the pain was gone. Our Lady was with us all the time, she was guiding us and the doors were opened to us wherever we came. We visited many pilgrimage destinations, but Medjugorje is something special, something that cannot be described”, said Zvonko, Vesna and Zlatica who are members of the Movement of Devine Mercy. They will stay in Medjugorje until Sunday, May 27, when another group of pilgrims from Osijek will join them.