Pilgrims in Medjugorje

date: 28.08.2012.

Roberta Brusic and Boris Peterlin who work in Caritas of Croatia were in Medjugorje. Roberta said how she first came to Medjugorje a little after the war in Croatia, but her first, genuine visit, when she really met Our Lady happened in the years after. “That is when the Lord made a change in my life and I encountered living God and Our Lady”, said Roberta. As she spoke about fruits of Medjugorje she said that in the beginning she was so full of the enthusiasm that she wanted to remain here permanently, but as she grew in her faith it was easier for her to depart from Medjugorje, knowing that everything she had experienced remained in her, that Medjugorje is not just a place but it is something that lives in her everyday life.
“Yet, desire for Medjugorje exists all the time, but there is also safety when we know that we can come back here, filled with hope and prayer, that those that you pray for will be able to come here, in God’s time and in His plan, and we will be able to witness Medjugorje to them”, said Roberta.
Boris Peterlin remembered a period when people spoke about Medjugorje thirty years ago. He was listening to their testimonies and that was the beginning for him. After that, there was a long period when he was not coming at all and his first personal encounter with Medjugorje took place seven years ago. “I came one summer with my wife, for a day, we were at the Croatian coast. When we came next time, we decided to stay for two days. All together, we were here four times.” He said that we as pilgrims all think that each one of is a special person, but when we come here, we realise that we are all the same, since we come to the place where Heaven and earth are brought  together.