Pilgrims from Vojvodina in Medjugorje

date: 10.06.2015.

Fr. Vinko Cvijin is parish guardian in the parishes Vajska and Bođani in Backa, Vojvodina. Together with his parishioners, around twenty Romanian Romani people and seven Croats Catholics, after being at the Holy Mass celebrated by Holy Father Francis in Kosevo, he visited Medjugorje.  Fr. Vinko in the programme of radio station „Mir” Međugorje, among the other things spoke about the impressions of Kosevo and Holy Mass with Holy Father, as well as about the traditions of Romani people. „We received information from priests in our diocese about the visit of a Holy Father to Sarajevo on June 6, and they told us to inform the parishioners about that. Since my faithful really love Medjugorje and coming here, I also wanted to include Medjugorje in this pilgrimage. Those who were able to come joined us, and the others accompanied us in prayers”, said Fr. Vinko and added how Romanian Romani people are here in bigger number than Croats Catholics: „They appreciate Medjugorje so much and I think there is no holier place for them in the world than Medjugorje and their own home. This is where they came for the first time with the former parish priest. Every time they come here, they pray with such confidence and one can really feel they came to their Mother.”