Pilgrimages from Croatia to Međugorje

date: 19.10.2015.

Ever since the beginning of October, month devoted to Our Lady, many groups of pilgrims have arrived to Medjugorje from neighbouring Croatia. We would like to emphasise the pilgriimage of Association of St. Vincent de Paul from Croatia, that organised meeting and pilgrimage for all of its members from October 9-11. „Despite heavy rain, we all went up the Apparition Hill and we were all wet after that climb, but still participated in the group Holy Mass for all of our members. We had confessions in the afternoon and later Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We cannot describe in words all of the graces we received during this trip. After Holy Mass at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning, lunch we had in love and communion, we went back home all filled with joy. Medjugorje is a place of peace and mutual love and we got that all this weekend”, some participants shared with us. Among these pilgrims were also those from the parish of Transfiguration of the Lord from Petrinja. On their way back from Medjugorje, they stopped for a pilgrimage to Sinj and Udbina.