Pilgrimage to Medjugorje

date: 25.11.2015.

On Saturday, November 21, parishioners of parish Brestovsko, led by their parish priest Fr. Damir Pavic, came to Medjugorje on a pilgrimage. “There were about hundred of us. One whole bus was full of the Franciscan Youth, who came on this pilgrimage with the purpose of better preparation for the ceremony of solemn vows and promises held day after they returned home. They had the idea to bring to the altar stones of Medjugorje so Lord would mould our hard hearts into His heart. They went to Apparition Hill, place of Our Lady’s apparition and we meditated joyful mysteries on the way up. When the group arrived to the apparition site, there was only silence, prayer, peace and gratitude. The evening prayer programme began at 5 pm with the prayer of Rosary and the group had opportunity for confession before that. The highlight of their pilgrimage was Holy Mass at 6 pm and they returned homes after the evening programme was finished. The weather was far from good on that day, on the way back it even snowed, but all pilgrims had peace as their hearts were joyful and filled with grace”, they shared with us.