Pilgrimage to Medjugorje

date: 26.10.2015.

The parishioners of parish Prelog came to Medjugorje on a pilgrimage on October 11&12, this year. They were accompanied by their assistant parish priestFr. Karlo Šimek. The first prayer was in the morning of the first day on Cross Mountain. „Despite the rain and quite cold weather, all of the pilgrims kept optimism and serene spirit and all climbed and descended the hill without major difficulties. We were so moved to see our elderly parishioners who all showed major faith and perseverance in their efforts. After that, this group climbed Apparition Hill for their personal prayer and silence time and the meeting was concluded by singing one of the Marian hymns. In the evening time, they joined other pilgrims for the Holy Mass, as well as Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, that many will remember for a long time. Pilgrims returned home on Sunday morning after the morning Holy Mass and meditation about the Mother of God given by their priest Fr. Karlo Šimek. We would like to thank all for the patience and we hope this pilgrimage is going to contribute to the growth of faith and personal devotion of every pilgrim", parishioners of Prelog, Croatia reported.