Pilgrimage of parish Brestovsko in Medjugorje

date: 22.10.2014.

Seventy seven pilgrims from the parish Brestovsko came to Medjugorje this October. Immediately upon their arrival to Medjugorje, they climbed Cross Mountain while meditation on the stations of the Way of the Cross and praying Rosary and then they went to Apparition Hill. Along with all other pilgrims they participated in the evening pray programme and their parish priest Fr. Damir Pavic was the main celebrant at the evening Holy Mass. One after visiting their parish web site can read some of the testimonies that young people received during this pilgrimage: „It was so special on Apparition Hill. God’s love streamed through me and I felt beautiful. I could not have even imagined that this place is so nice. When I came to the statue of Our Lady I felt something indescribable, something so nice. It was love of God that strengthened me and gave me force to remain strong in my faith. When I receive another chance, I will go to Medjugorje again”, wrote young parishioner from Brestovsko.