Pilgrimage of graduate students of the Catholic School Centre “St. Joseph” from Sarajevo

date: 23.03.2017.

Graduate students of the Catholic School Centre «St. Joseph», came to Medjugorje on a pilgrimage on March 22, 2017. This trip was on an occasion of their annual trip when they visit various places in Herzegovina, and according to their statements - they were all thrilled by Medjugorje. They visited community Cenacolo and spent some time around the church of St. james. It is important to say that youth of various religions attends this school centre and this trip was led by Sr. Antonija Lucic, a member of the community of Daughters of God’s Love from Sarajevo. „This is the third year of the project called Inner-religion path of the Catholic School Centre St. Joseph that consists of two high schools – Grammar and Medical School. This Centre has around 1500 students. When you are in Medjugorje, you can hear different languages, but what you see is the same – people come with a smile on their face and leave Medjugorje not just with a smile, but with love too! Medjugorje should be a model for all of us! We should be proud to have one such place where so many people, after having encountered the light, returns home relived of their burdens of the past”, said Sr. Antonija in her interview for radio Mir Medjugorje.