Pilgrimage „Marian vow for Homeland“

date: 23.10.2015.

Around 800 pilgrims of the first pilgrimage called „Marian vow for Homeland“ had walked in 70 days in weekly stages 1600 kilometres from the east to the south of Croatia. They are planning to make routes for walk, something like paths for pilgrims, that people would be able to take in the future throughout the year. Those who decide for this journey would receive passport for pilgrims where they would get stamps for every stage, just as it is the case in Santiago de Compostela. „Even those that are not able to fill this passport during their lives, would be able to pass it on to someone else in their family, what matters only is that this is the vow, prayer and sacrifice for our Homeland“ said Fr. Ivan Ike Mandurić when he spoke about the recent founding of the Fraternity that would organise this „Marian vow for the Homeland“ in the future. Let us remind ourselves about this initiative made by the Association for Soldiers of the Homeland War, student associations and communities, that all together organised vow pilgrimage from June 21 to August 28, long walk that travelled through all major Marian shrines in Croatia. Pilgrims also walked through Bosnia and Herzegovina and passed Medjugorje on their way to the south.