Participants talk about the International Pilgrimage for Persons with Disabilities

date: 17.06.2017.

At the 6th International Pilgrimage for Persons with Disabilities, held in Medjugorje in these days that finished on June 18, Sr. Marija Klara Klarić from the Merciful Sisters of St. Cross from Djakovo. Sr. Marija Klara, accompanies persons with disabilities along with Sr. Rastislava, and she has been coming to Medjugorje for the last nine years. The organisers of the pilgrimage asked her to translate to sign language: „For nine years I am working with the persons with disabilities, each week we have therapy workshop and once a month there is our prayer meeting Faith and Light. We also meet few times a year, so our community and workshop are very happy places, as we are hosts there.”

Sr. Marija Klara spoke about how particular her job is and she said: „When someone looks at this from the other side, this is very hard, yes it can be hard, they ask for a lot, but they always give much more in return. They are very honest, original, full of love and warmth. I get physically tired, but we get to be so fulfilled with peace and happiness, simplicity and joy, so we do not feel our physical difficulties. I would go with them everywhere, as they are very obedient, grateful and happy. We were longing to have this type of encounter. We are grateful to God that this was initiated and I think this is a great blessing for Medjugorje too. When we are here, nothing happens to children, some of them come with severe diagnosis. We have several children on our bus who have epileptic attacks, but nothing happened to them here. Our pilgrimages consist of three parts – prayer, worship and friendship. These pilgrimages are very fulfilled. Such encounters are great support of the Church to the parents. Children are well, they do not know better world, but it is really hard for parents. Our Archdiocese organises pilgrimages and meetings for persons with disabilities. It means a great support to their parents.” At the end, Sr. Marija Klara thanked parishioners: „We would like to thank all people of good will who take us generously each year. To say thank you is too little, we pray for them and for their families. We thank all organisers and priests too.”