Participants spoke about their experiences at the Seminar for Life

date: 28.05.2017.

Vedran Vuksan from Croatia came for such seminar for the first time. This is what he told us about his impressions in the programme of radio Mir Medjugorje: „I was drawn to this seminar by the lecturer, Fr. Ante Vuckovic, as I had opportunity to listen to him before, as well as the fact that this is seminar for life, for us who already live our lives, but also for our relationship to the life. This seminar is not only for those who work in the medicine field or for doctors. That is not my profession, but I am in the favour of life. I am very happy and this is a sort of the spiritual retreat. We are all searching for the fullness of life and genuine joy. I come to Medjugorje twice or three times a year and this is my school of growing in the faith and opportunity to deepen my relationship with God.“

Veselka Kusić from Split is a nurse in Health Centre Sućidar. This is her third time to participate at this seminar: „I am always brought back by the spiritual dimension. I care for this encounter with Gospa and Jesus and this means a lot to me. This seminar is the spiritual retreat for me and it motivates me more in my relations with the patients. I am coming to Medjugorje for a long time now and I am here at least five times a year. I feel Gospa is always calling me to come again. I used to come even in the very beginning of the apparitions. This is where I had the intensive spiritual experience, encounter with Jesus who relived me of many burdens in my life. I would like to invite all to come here to feel the spirit of Medjugorje and this oasis of prayer.”