Our Lady understands pain and suffering and gives strength for life

date: 22.01.2013.

“I felt great desire to come to Medjugorje during the quiet period, when there are not too many pilgrims around. I wanted that for a long time. This is my first vacation in the last five years that I took for myself, so I could thank Our Lady for what She has given me and for all of my prayers”, said Mirko Hrkać, Director of Foundation from Zagreb “I hear, I believe, I see”. Mirko came to Medjugorje in January and he said: “Medjugorje is something special for me; I live with Medjugorje, especially with Our Lady’s messages. I made a promise ten years ago that I will forward each of the messages that she gives to the parish and to the world. That is what I am doing still; I always forward those messages to my friends, to 300 addresses.
The Foundation and its editions, among which the first one is The Sound Bible, are fruits of one of the messages of Our Lady, the one She gave on October 18, 1984 when She invited us to put Holy Bible at the visible place in our families, to read the Holy Bible and to pray. Mr. Mirko lost his sight ten years ago. “It was really hard, but I found huge relief in prayer of Rosary. I used to work as supervisor at the construction sites, I had quite normal life.” Later on, he arrived to Medjugorje where he received encouragement to study theology. This Foundation “I hear, I believe, I see” has been publishing books in the sound format and all Fr. Slavko’s books have been published in that format as well. He said that it would be hard for him to accept his blindness if it wasn’t for his faith. “Our Lady has always been giving me strength, especially Our Lady at the foot of Jesus’ cross. It is together with Her, that I am able to rise from difficult situations, she understands pain and suffering and gives me strength to continue my life.”