date: 02.07.2009.

Pilgrims from Korea, 29 of them, in the age from nine to seventy-eight, together with their priest Agnello W.Choi climbed the Cross Mountain on Saturday morning on their knees, in the honour of the 28th Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje. Father Agnello Choi has been in Medjugorje already on six occasions, and this, seventh time decided to come with the special prayer intention for the peace at Korean peninsula, that is going through difficult political troubles. Six full hours were needed in order for this group of pilgrims to climb to the top of the Cross Mountain (520 m above the sea level). Lots of sweat and sacrifices were needed, but at the end they succeeded and reached the top without major cuts and scratches, and as they came to the foot of the Cross they all together celebrated and praised the Saviour and Redeemer of the human kind – Jesus Christ! Agnello Woonseok Choi, in atmosphere full of joy and union with his pilgrims, one day after the climb looks renewed and full of strength. He emphasises how this difficult climb was not the first climb they had taken, and if God provides it will not be the last as well. In this way pilgrims become aware that this is not religious tourism, but pilgrimage. He plans to continue with pilgrimages of gratitude to Our Lady.