On the feast of the Nativity of Our Lady, a church identical to the one in Medjugorje was consecrated in the Philippines

date: 13.09.2022.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is considered to be the patroness of the Philippines, and the residents there show their devotion to her by building a church where the Blessed Virgin Mary is honored in a special way. As they said from the Philippines, one of the fastest growing Marian devotions in that country is the devotion to Our Lady of Medjugorje.

On this occasion, a replica of the Medjugorje Church of St. James was built in the Philippines. whose patron is Our Lady of Medjugorje, and the church is being built with the financing of a generous family that is also dedicated to Mary.

The Great Church of Saint James (Our Lady of Medjugorje) is located in the city of Talisay under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Diocese of Bacolod, which is headed by Bishop Mons. Patricio Buzon. And this church, like the original one in Medjugorje, was entrusted to the administration of the Order of Friars Minor through the Custody of St. Anthony of Padua - Philippines, and the church was opened today on the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Our Lady.

The local bishop, Msgr. Buzon dedicated this church, with every detail meticulously copied from the original in Medjugorje, today with the assistance of the custodian of the Custody of St. Anthony of Padua in the Philippines by Fr. Renee C. Dean.

A message of support and encouragement was sent to all who honor the Queen of Peace in the Philippines by the Provincial of the Franciscan Province of Herzegovina, Fr. Jozo Grbeš, and it was read by Fr. Renee C. Dean during the Holy Mass at which the church was consecrated.