On foot from Split to Medjugorje

date: 23.09.2006.

Veterans of the recent war, Petar (35) and Vedran (30), walked from Split to Medjugorje, a pilgrimage they undertook to express their gratitude to Our Lady for having been with them in all the difficult moments of their lives.

Petar is also grateful to his own mother, because he is convinced that her prayers brought him back to the God to whom he knows he belongs. Vedran is also grateful to his mother for her prayers, which brought him back to the right path, a gratitude he also feels towards God and the Church.

Vedran and Petar walked for 3 days, traversing in excess of 150 kilometres. They started out on Wednesday at 6.30 am, and they arrived in Medjugorje after midnight on Friday, 1 am on Saturday to be exact. Vedran’s feet were bleeding from the outset, but he persevered. He experienced many other difficulties, but he says: “I wanted to prove that it was not impossible”. They spent the nights in sleeping bags in the open air. They are enthusiastic about the kindness of the people they met along the way. “Modest people were the most generous”, they said.

It was difficult for them to find the correct words and they could not accurately describe their feelings. “We came to Medjugorje on foot to thank God for everything. Something of this kind is not seen very often, but we are not the only ones… Too many people live without true awareness. They are not even aware that they lack what is most essential”.