On Bicycle from Bern (Switzerland) to Medjugorje

date: 29.07.2007.

Ivan Čolina (age 44, father of four children), a Croatian who lives and works in Bern (Switzerland), born in the Herzegovinian parish Kongora, fulfilled his vow: to come on bicycle from Bern to Medjugorje.

His pilgrimage lasted seven days and a half. He crossed 1507 kilometers, which means about 220 km a day. The highest mountain he had to cross was 1800 meters high. In order to be able to fulfill his vow, he was all the time imploring God’s help.

On his arrival in Medjugorje, Fr. Petar Vlašić waited for him in front of the church. Many years ago in the parish Kongora, Fr. Petar was namely his catechist.

Ivan stayed in Medjugorje two days, in a prayer of thanksgiving.