New community „Faith and Light“ in Brotnjo

date: 01.12.2015.

The first Sunday of Advent, November 29, gave the opportunity for another candle to be lit during the Holy Mass at 9.30 a.m., and that is the beginning of the new community “Faith and Light”. Holy Mass was celebrated by the parish priest Fr. Marinko Sakota, and the idea for this was born in the Association for Aid to the Persons with Disabilities “Susret”, from Citluk, as well as from the International Pilgrimages for Persons with Disabilities in Medjugorje. Jasminka Vasilj, the President of the Association “Susret/Encounter” said: „This Holy Mass was celebrated for the community “Faith and Light” from the region of Ciltuk municipality and we gathered here in Medjugorje along with the members of the same community from Đakovo, Vinkovci and Zagreb, who came to be with us and to help us light this candle. The community “Faith and Light” takes care for the persons with disability and tries to actively include them into the celebration of Holy Mass. I found out about this project and community two years ago, during the pilgrimage for persons with disabilities. As a parent and someone who knew what our Holy Masses were like, I was thrilled to see that persons with disabilities are actively participating in the Holy Masses. During the meeting with our parish priest and other parents and friends of the Association, we decided to try to make this project alive in our community as well.” Joyful encounter and socialising continued in the Hall of St. John Paul II after the Holy Mass.