Mozart’s “Requiem” held in Medjugorje

date: 01.11.2013.

The Academic Choir Pro musica from Mostar organised concert in the occasion of All Saint and All Souls day with the theme of Mozart’s “Requiem”. This famous and extraordinary music piece was performed in the church of St. James and radio Mir Medjugorje broadcasted the entire programme to the listeners throughout the whole world. “Requiem” is the last piece that Mozart began to compose in 1791. He was composing it in his last earthly moments, after he was tied to bed, sensing that the end was near and that is what gives such strength to this music piece. “Life is so beautiful, but no one can influence our life duration. I will finish now, this is my Requiem. This cannot remain unfinished”, said great artist. Around one hundred musicians participated in this event that took place in St. James’ church, and they were led by soloists of Croatian National Theatre Opera from Osijek: Jasna Komendanović soprano, Irena Parlov mezzo-soprano, Ladislav Vrgoč, tenor and Ivan Šarić, bas. Apart from them there were also Academic Choir Pro Musica – Mostar: Dragan Filipović, choir conductor, Marijana Pavlović, prof., corepetitor; Orchestra of Croatian National Theatre Osijek, Chamber Group of Symphonic Orchestra Mostar, and conductor was Filip Pavisic. Fr. Marinko Sakota, parish priest of Medjugorje parish, greeted all present guests before this concert and said: “Dear friends, dear artists from Osijek and Mostar, welcome to the parish of the whole world! We praise God in various ways, through silence, through words and perhaps mostly and greatly through the music. Thank you all, may this performance be a prayer. Fr. Dragan Filipovic, who organised this concert, said that members of the choir Pro Musica wanted to go to Vukovar for a long time so they would sing Prayer for Dead – Requiem and he said: “We had concert in Dubrovnik in 2009, when Mr. Puskaric from Osijek was there and I told him about our desire to come to Vukovar. After some time he put me together with chief of the Opera Mr. Schneider. We made arrangements not only for Vukovar, but for Djakovo and Osijek and this is also fruit of our cooperation. Fillip Pavisic was chief conductor, who was obviously pleased after the concert finished. (photos)