Mother’s Day in Mother’s Village

date: 12.05.2009.

The Mother’s Day celebration took place on Friday, May 8, in St. Francis’ Garden in Mother’s Village. Children from the Elementary School Bijakovići and children from Mother’s Village with their teachers learned for that day several songs.

In the beautiful recital in St. Francis’ Garden participated about 50 children, who did it out of gratitude to their mothers. Jasna Jerkić, the Croatian language teacher, told us that the preparations for the recital took about two months, and that it was a great experience for children. As in each endeavor, some sacrifices were necessary, but children did it out of love for their mothers.

Jasna Jerkić underlined the importance of the collaboration between the Elementary School Bijakovići and Mother’s Village, and that it shall be continued.

Ivana Zovko and Dragana Dugandžić