More than 2000 pilgrims from town Karlovac, Croatia came to Medjugorje

date: 12.11.2018.

More than 2000 pilgrims from Karlovac were in Medjugorje for their spiritual retreat. As a part of their pilgrimage they visited Apparition Hill, Cross Mountain and were there for the evening prayer programme.

The Archbishop Henryk Hoser, the Apostolic Visitor for Medjugorje parish greeted them and told them: “Welcome. I would like to greet you all from the depth of my heart during your pilgrimage in Medjugorje, you came home. The Mother of God is waiting for you here. She is the Mother of God, our Mother, the Queen of Heaven and Earth. She is the Mother of all of us. Church calls her the Mother of the Church. As Our Lady gave birth to Jesus, she gave birth to the Church and when we know that Medjugorje is the Home of the Father, Home of the Mother, surely we can feel well here.”