Mons. Robert W. Finn from the USA visits Medjugorje

date: 09.09.2006.

Mons. Robert W. Finn D.D., Bishop of Kansas City-Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA, paid a private visit to Medjugorje, together with a group of pilgrims, from the 2nd to the 5th of September 2006. Each day he concelebrated the English Mass for the pilgrims in St. James’ church, and he concelebrated the evening Masses as well. He also heard confessions and visited the prayer places in Medjugorje together with other pilgrims.

He outlined the impression made upon him during the pilgrimage, saying that, as a bishop and as a believer, he witnessed the Sacraments being celebrated both solemnly and fervently. “In the celebration of the Holy Sacraments I see the proof and the confirmation of the faith of God’s people, and I also see that the Spirit of God is at work here”, Mons. Finn said.

When asked about his personal prayer intentions during his pilgrimage, he said: “In the State of Missouri, there is a law proposed which would allow scientists to experiment with unborn children, on their cells and on their tissues. If this law is passed in our very traditional State, which has deep religious roots, then the doors would be opened for similar action throughout all the States of the USA. I came to pray for Christian laws to prevail in our country. I also pray for priestly and religious vocations and for the spreading of devotion to, and adoration of, the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar in my own diocese.”

Mons. Finn was ordained a priest in 1979, consecrated a bishop in 2004, and in May of 2005 the diocese of Kansas City-Saint Joseph was entrusted to him.