Mons. Ján Babjak, DI, Archbishop from Slovakia talks about his experience of the seminar for the priests

date: 16.07.2015.

Mons. Babjak said that his students of Theology at the Greek Catholic University, where he teaches, persuaded him to come to Medjugorje: “Many of them were here for the Youth Festival and they were anxious for me to come here at that time. As I was busy in that week, I chose to come for this seminar. I also invited 17 other priests, 2 seminarians and 4 young people and 24 of us, Greek Catholics from Slovakia arrived here. I am really joyful for having heard, renewed and discovered many things about the spirituality, priesthood, the will of God. Fr. Ivan Manduric was such a good lecturer and I invited him to come and to give us seminar in Presovo, Slovakia. We got many materials for meditating and pondering about when we return homes and we need to allow all that to work in our hearts. The other thing I feel here is the intensive atmosphere made of the various spiritual contents we had opportunity to live here: Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, prayers on Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain, lecturers, testimonies of Cenacolo community…”