Millions of viewers of Youth Festival 2020

date: 14.08.2020.

The memories of the Youth Festival are still alive in our hearts, but in the hearts of millions of people who were connected live in broadcast all over the world. This year’s Youth Festival, special in many ways, has broken records of numbers of live-stream viewers in different media channels. We can proudly say that, respecting all epidemiological measures, this was one of the biggest events organised in the world this year. Millions of people were connected live through media and those who were outside the White Dome made us all connected in goodness and love, all through intercession of our Heavenly Mother, the Queen of Peace.

The number of holy communions ministered in those five days was around 35.000.

Below, please find listed all media channels who broadcasted this year’s Youth Festival. We would like to thank all those who contacted us and asked to be the part of this programme. All of you who are already now planning to broadcast the Youth Festival next year, please contact us latest until July 1, 2021, so we would be able to organise ourselves in the better way and offer you all better technical options. You can do so at the following e-mail address:

Media broadcast of this year’s Youth Festival was available in audio and video links through our TV Web cameras, Internet radio, radio station, Internet web sites, social networks Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and live links in different languages.

List of the official channels who broadcasted the programme of the Youth Festival 2020:

Media Mir Medjugorje -

FB: Media MIR Medjugorje De
IG: Media MIR Medjugorje De
YT: Media MIR Medjugorje De

FB: Media MIR Medjugorje En
IG: Media MIR Medjugorje En
YT: Media MIR Medjugorje En

FB: Media MIR Medjugorje It
IG: Media MIR Medjugorje It
YT: Media MIR Medjugorje It

FB: Media MIR Medjugorje Es
IG: Media MIR Medjugorje Es
YT: Media MIR Medjugorje Es

FB: Media MIR Medjugorje Fr
IG: Media MIR Medjugorje Fr
YT: Media MIR Medjugorje Fr

FB: Media MIR Medjugorje Ru
IG: Media MIR Medjugorje Ru
YT: Media MIR Medjugorje Ru

FB: Media MIR Medjugorje Pl
IG: Media MIR Medjugorje Pl
YT: Media MIR Medjugorje Pl

FB: Media MIR Medjugorje Sk
IG: Media MIR Medjugorje Sk
YT: Media MIR Medjugorje Sk



Radio stations:

Radio Maria Slovensko
Radio Maria Austria
Radio Maria Switzerland 
Radio Maria Romania

TV production

Laudato TV
Exodus TV
Tele Lumiere-Noursat