Members of the community “Totus Tuus” in Medjugorje

date: 16.03.2012.

Around 50 young people from Germany, members of the community “Totus Tuus”, Marian lay community, arrived to Medjugorje. Fr. Joachim Federhen came with them and he was our guest at radio station “Mir” Medjugorje. He works as the assistant parish priest in one of the parishes but he also belongs to the community “Totus Tuus” , where he received his vocation. The establishment of this community is related to Medjugorje. One young married couple from Germany came for a holiday to Croatia and decided to visit Medjugorje as a part of that trip. They did not have any connections with God nor with the Church, but here, in Medjugorje, love of God completely touched their hearts and they both realised that they need to change their lives completely. When they returned home, they started praying in their family and they got to know the meaning of Our Lady’s messages. Soon afterwards they made contact with their parish community and after a while, little prayer community was formed. Their goal was to encourage others to live genuine life as faithful. In 1994, they decided to organise a pilgrimage to Medjugorje for young people.
That pilgrimage with around 70 young people will determine many pilgrimages that followed as well as the community as well. Several prayer groups developed in different towns after that pilgrimage. In the course of 1994, a group of people was formed who had desire to serve to God and to pray for the intentions of the Queen of Peace. Since 1995, that group started witnessing in their neighbourhood about love of God. In 1997, their work and activities were presented to the Bishop, who was thrilled and he encouraged them to further activities and gave them blessing to continue their work. It was in that meeting with Bishop, that they got their name “Totus Tuus” – “All Yours”. “We see Medjugorje as the source of great grace for our time. Our Mother has been coming to us for thirty years, She speaks to us and wants to lead us to our Father”, said Fr. Joachim.