Members of music group “New Heaven” from Zenica came to Medjugorje

date: 20.01.2014.

The members of music group “New Heaven” from the parish of St. Elijah in Zenica, came for their visit to Medjugorje. Music directors are Danijela and Zoran Curic, married couple. Danijela said that her first encounter with Medjugorje took place in 1995, when she was 15 years old. “I was not aware back in those days what this place meant. Now, every time I come here, I feel peace, serenity and that is something that cannot be denied. Every person who comes here experiences something that is absolutely immeasurable.” Zoran told us that Medjugorje means so much to him in his life, and there is something really special for him here: “There is something here that cannot be described, I think only those who came here can understand that.” New Heaven is a music group that is active in the parish of St. Elijah for the last 30 years. They have played and sang at many Holy Masses, concerts and have recorded several albums. Every three to four years they have new members coming, a certain shift of generations takes place. Young people usually after they graduate in the high school go somewhere else to study and new members come instead of them. Usually, Zoran and Danijela need to teach them all from the very beginning. Nevertheless, Danijela and Zoran Curic give them all of their love and energy and embrace all young people that God places before them. They have just released their new album “The Lord is coming”.